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Subscription has two subscription plans: Market Trader Premium will cost 49.99/month or 499.99/year which includes access to the exclusive Market Trader Weekly Newsletter (Robust Weekly Technical Analysis), Daily Watchlist with Levels & Analysis, and Access to Educational Library.

Subscriptions can be started at any time, and run for 30 days or 1 year. There is an option for recurring payments.

Registered Users Terms

All Registered Users are subject to Terms and are in Approval of this “Subscriber Agreement”

If any member distributes any content from any member content pages, and/or chat room information, forwards any SMS text messages or tweets from Myntbit without my permission will have his/her subscription terminated without refund. Members may not forward Myntbit emails and/or SMS Text Messages. The sharing of passwords is strictly prohibited. Posting/Passing along any content via other means is strictly prohibited. This includes Twitter, Instant messengers, Facebook, and any others. Any of these is a violation and your membership will be immediately terminated without refund.

The Website is for Positive Discussions. It is NOT an area for bashing, negativity, threats, or in general anything that the moderator thinks is inappropriate behavior. YOU will have you membership immediately terminated without refund without warning.

Myntbit may or may not respond to questions posted on Chat. ALL posts on Chat are intended for Educational and Informational Purposes only.


If you wish to cancel your membership, you must do so prior to your renewal date. You must cancel the active subscription via his/her account. We will not do this for you. There are No Refunds.

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Myntbit General Availability is currently operated by MyntBit LLC. There will be days without service throughout the year due to Vacation, Sickness, and other foreseen circumstances. There may be a maximum of 20 Days without service per year. may utilize other individuals to help provide opinions, ideas, and thoughts, in addition to Myntbit. Remember everything discussed on this website is for educational and informational purposes only. What you do with that information is 100% your responsibility.

Myntbit and the chat feature may be unavailable on all market holidays and Weekends. Myntbit will be unavailable during all Holidays and Weekends

Market Conditions dictate the amount of content provided, so there can be no guarantee of quantity.